I am an undergraduate architecture major at Yale University engaged in academic and extracurricular programs surrounding the humanities and design. Studying in the design concentration, my academic work has largely focussed on the creation of space from essential forms. Projects have included graphic explorations of spatial concepts, experimental installations, landscape interventions, and institutional buildings.

At Yale, I also served as Co-Creative Director of the Yale Herald, the university's second largest student publication. My work at the Herald focused on rebuilding the publication’s online presence while illustrating weekly issues and communicating with editorial staff. Additionally, through a variety of jobs around campus and New Haven, I have designed for community events, preservation projects, and academics.

In 2020, I took leave from pursuing my degree to work in the Bay Area before returning to campus in August 2021. During that time, I finished a eight month period as a Junior Designer at RP Architects followed by six months as creative/marketing freelancer at Equator Coffees. In the summer of 2022, I was granted a combination of fellowships that allowed me to travel in Italy, performing architectural research on the contemporary urban context of 16th-century fountains.