Kit of Parts
After receiving Le Corbusier’s Ronchamp Chapel as a precedent for study, I was tasked with making a “kit of parts” in an effort to represent the building’s formal and thematic principles. The final product was meant to emphasize an element of the building through interaction with a set of curated pieces or activities. Drawn to the building’ south wall, I was inspired by the stained glass apertures that physically and metaphorically filtered the outside world into the spiritual space.

This kit of parts contains a plaster cast block mimicking the thick plaster openings of the original wall. The block is set into a wooden frame which connects to a set of three acrylic plates. The participant is meant to separate each acrylic plate, placing colored film and paper cut outs between each. Upon re-assembling the kit, each personal creation is realized through the lens of the block, reflecting the creator’s self.

Chapelle Notre-Dame du Haut
Le Corbusier, 1955