Proposal for a Pier and a Dock
There was no specific brief for this project other than to design a meaningful intervention at a specific site along the New Haven waterfront on the Long Island Sound. The project was meant to facilitate some new connection to the location’s unique tidal flat ecology that sits neatly between the water and the city’s dense urban center.

This project was inspired by the dense layering of water, sediment, grass, sand, rock and pavement that guides the transition of the landscape. Playing with tide and elevation change, the intent was to frame certain swatches of the coast by guiding people above, below, around, and through. As visitors walk along the structure, they are given different and unique vantage points of the environment. The structure itself also undulates and layers as the intervals of the piers piles speed up and slow down. The lower dock sits just above sea level, allowing arrival by boat or kayak while the upper deck connects directly to the existing coastal walkway that follows the marshes.

Worm’s eye axon of pier piles
Early concept and landscape swatches