The brief for this project was to use 18 feet of linear material to generate images of three distinct spatial concepts. Using a piece of rope in dozens of iterations, a final “line” was established by pinning it in place on a board. Then, three prints were created by collaging and editing that image over itself. The result was a triptych exploring the concepts of figure, separation, and field.

A critical part in my process was not to create three lines that individually spoke to one of these concepts, but rather to rely solely on one fixed line which could then act as a tool of representation. There are no other images collaged in the triptych besides the one below.

Original Line Sculpture
18ft of rope, 22 pins
Digital Collage, 18 x 10 in.

Digital Collage, 18 x 10 in.

Digital Collage, 18 x 10 in.