A Theater for a Geologist
This exercise required students in the studio to pick a mismatched client and program from a curated list. The first step of the brief was to develop sections satisfying the client and program respectively. Ultimately, the sections were developed into a room restricted to 9’ x 9’ x 9’.

At the core of this project was an attempt to combine and contrast geologic and theatrical landscapes. Through the technique of forced perspective, screens, panels, and shearing the structure fits an expansive cave environment into the confined space. Further exploring this relationship, parts of the space are created from solid forms while others are flat planes imitating solid forms. These two are indistinguishable when viewed from the privileged perspective of the audience but become obvious as the visitor moves. Circumnavigating the structure reveals many of the room’s secrets. All in all, the modelled illsuion is only six inches deep. As the viewer turns to the back, the deep cave space turns into a flat skrim that shows a 2D projection of the room’s deep interior. This contrast of “looking in” and “looking out” evokes the intrigue of earth science and performance art.
6” Inch Cave
The Illusion Breaks
The Screen 

The Geologist, The Theatre, The Geologist’s Theatre